Good tidings I bring …


Have you behaved yourself? That’s what ST. NICHOLAS asks small and big children today! Did you find anything in your shoe this morning? In the spirit of today’s worldwide gift-giving we are offering the Santa Tiles, the Santa Icicle Dolls and Arches to some of today’s participants. Name drawing will be done tomorrow. In the meantime, have a biscuit or two and a cup of warm tea or Glühwein and enjoy the participations! We look forward to your post.


Warst Du auch brav? Das fragt der NIKOLAUS heute alle kleinen und großen Kinder! Hast Du heute morgen etwas in Deinem Schuh gefunden? Im Geiste des Verschenkens von Gaben werden einige der Teilnehmer diese Santakacheln, Santa Icicle Dolls und Bögen bekommen. Die Namen werden morgen bekannt gegeben. In der Zwischenzeit, nimm Dir einen Keks oder zwei…, eine warme Tasse Tee oder ein Glas Glühwein und genieße die Beiträge! Wir freuen uns auf Deinen Kommentar.


Zijn jullie zoet geweest? Dat vraagt SINTERKLAAS zich vandaag af over alle kleine en grote kinderen! Heb je vanmorgen wat leuks in je schoen gevonden? In de geest van het wereldwijd kadootjes geven vandaag zullen enkele deelnemers deze Sinterklaas tegels, Sinterklaas Icicle dolls en arches krijgen. De namen zullen morgen bekend gemaakt worden. In de tussentijd geniet van een speculaasje of twee…, een warme kop thee of een glas Glühwein en geniet van de bijdragen. We verheugen ons op jullie commentaren.




  1. 1
    Tania Says:

    At our place, everything is ready, take a look…

  2. 2
    Lay Hoon Says:

    The SAnta House display in one of the hotel in Taiwan

  3. 3

    Thanks for this great opportunity to share Santa Claus with all of you. I do have some difficulties to fall asleep, so I just wrote my post on my blog – if you want to have a look – I would be appreciated….

    With these words: Have a nice Santa Claus Day, Ladies… ;o)

  4. 4
    Belinda Says:

    Here’s mine. Thanks for the early birds and really look forward to the others. Have a HoHoHo day!

  5. 6
    bitze Says:

    Let me try my link again! Happy St. Nicholas Day One and All!!! Please stop by for a Free Download and a yummy cookie recipe:
    HoHoHo! ~*~ Patty

  6. 8
    BARONE Says:

    May your day be filled with joy.

    jodi barone

  7. 9
    Sandy Says:

    Wonderful idea. I wish all a great Day. Here is my Song.

  8. Ho! Ho! Ho! I have my site ready!
    This is a fun Idea!
    Enjoy the Day!!

  9. 12

    Oh what fun, I love the December 6th Santa Claus Fest!


    I have posted the link, included the Santa Button & posted my Christmas Decorations with my Mom’s favorite Christmas Cookie recipe & more to come…

    I can’t wait for the sound of Santa’s sleigh with the jingle bells of his beautiful reindeer upon my rooftop…

    Merry Christmas & please stop by for a warm cozy holiday visit, Lyndy Ward

  10. 13
    Silvia Says:

    For all of you a great Santa Claus Day 🙂 ! Here’s my entry:

    *</;-) Silvia

  11. 14
    Ros Says:

    Have a wonderful time today – what a great idea. Here’s my contribution :

  12. 15
    Iva Says:

    What a nice way to get into the Santa spirit. Here’s my site:

    Now, off Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer and Vixen, Comt and Cupid…
    ~ Iva

  13. 16
    enjoy Says:

    Great idea – thanks for that 😉

    Here is my entry:

  14. 17
    Audrey Meijs Says:

    Here’s my entry! Have a nice day!

  15. 18
    johanna Says:

    ist ja schon richtig was los hier heute morgen…:)
    eine tolle idee, dieses nikolausfest! vielen dank den veranstalterinnen! ich freu mich schon aufs durchklicken der einträge:))

    mein beitrag ist hier:

  16. 20
    fatmasplace Says:

    “lach” das warten hat endlich ein ende. ein käffchen hab ich mir gegönnt, der glühwein kommt später;)

  17. 21
    Tania Says:

    Yes, He has been here… and he left some toys, chocolat and a letter!
    You can see it here…

  18. 22
    ying pang Says:

    Just some funny santa claus pictures to share! Merry Christmas!

  19. 24
    stampina Says:

    Wonderful idea! Here are my favourite Santa-photos:

    hope, i’ve enough time to do some crafting today and post it, too …

  20. 25
    Donna Says:

    What a great site.
    A christmas decoration is on offer over at my place if you feel like dropping by 🙂

    Donna xx

  21. 27
    Ilonka Says:

    What a cute idea with that blog!!! Thanks to all Santa Helpers!!!
    I made a Santa Card for you:
    And now, I’m taking a cup of tea and will read all the comments…

  22. 28
    Marion Says:

    Hohoho, Santa Claus is coming with the help of little dwarfs, they need little jelly bag caps, – have a look:

  23. Hoping everyone has a truly happy and wonderful day.
    Love and hugs to all
    Love Cynthia x

  24. 31
    Barbara Says:

    Happy St. Nicholas Day to all. . .have a beautiful day!


  25. 32
    katrin Says:

    dankeschööööööööööön für diese wundervolle idee. meinen nikolausbeitrag
    findet ihr hier:

    herzliche nikolausgrüße

  26. 33
    leni Says:


    Hier ist mein Nikolaus beitrag:


  27. 35
    Deirdre Says:

    Thanks for inspiring all the fun!! I’m starting to feel that Christmas spirit settling in!!

  28. 36

    oh, happy day! St. Nicholas has finally arrived! I set out treats for my friends at work last night before I left–we should have fun today! Come see Sinterklaas on my blog and the ATC I made!

  29. 37
    Manja Says:

    What a great idea… very interesting blog entries I have seen – and I have to come back to see more. The variety is wonderful.
    Here is my blog entry – one of my oldest Santa deco’s (not beautiful, but special 😉 :–?cq=1&p=545
    Unfortunately only in my Yahoo!Blog possible.
    Have a great day and good filled socks (boots).
    KR Manja

  30. 38
    annietavries Says:

    Me and my family had a very very happy day at my parents home. Extra happy beceause we were “complete”, as my father has been very very ill this year – we almost lost him – so happy happy day! and I had such a sweet present: please take a look:

  31. 39

    Ich hab auch einen gemacht aber ganz schlicht

  32. 40

    Lovely site and many festive eye candy goodies to look at!



  33. 41
    Mandy Says:

    wow…. fab stuff on here. My two daughters woke up to chocolate in their shoes! I love today…. thats why i’ve carried on the tradition my parents and grandparents bestowed on me. Hope everyone has a fabulous day!

  34. 42
    ArtKat Says:

    Here is my Santa entry. Thanks for this site, I love it! 🙂

  35. 43

    This is a beautiful site and the blogs I’ve seen so far are amazing. Here is my contribution.

  36. 44

    I have so enjoyed your site Belinda – and the music is so fun!! Here is my contribution to the celebration of St. Nicholas Day!

  37. 45
    Sue McG Says:

    Here are my musings on St. Nick – now I’m off to visit the other blogs, what a fun project you started here – thanks!

  38. 46
    tina s Says:

    This is way too much fun!!!! Here is my little contribution. I have had such fun reading about all the traditions around Christmas. It has really put me in the holiday spirit.

  39. 47
    zauberfloete74 Says:

    Lovely site . Here my

  40. 48
    Calle Says:

    I live in Finland and the 6th of december is our national day. Today we did celebrate our 90th Indipendence day. Here is my contribution.

  41. 49
    bitze Says:

    I’ve posted two more free download Santa Postcards * ENJOY *
    ~*~ Patty

  42. 50
    Vicki Says:

    Santa is waiting…!C8F18FE406BFBB96!2498.entry and!C8F18FE406BFBB96!2423/

  43. 51
    Belinda Says:

    Vicki, thank you for participating and sharing your santa postcards and poem with us! Unfortunately, I cannot comment on your site. To @ You can view both links on the blogroll. Just click on her name.

  44. 52
    Mary-Beth Says:

    I just posted my favourite Santa image. Hope you like it too.

  45. 53
    Sandi Says:

    Happy St. Nicholas Day Everyone!!!

  46. 54
    BeX Says:

    Well…thanks to my AWESOME sis Belinda I too stumbled upon this site and I thought this was a brilliant idea!!!!! 😀
    I just uploaded my Santa-entry for the day…hehe…since I’m not so crafty like all of you with my ‘hands’ but rather with my eyes (taking pictures is what i do!) you’ll have to bare with me. I hope you’ll enjoy it! ;o)
    Noch allen anderen einen schönen Nikolaus!

  47. 56

    Happy St. Nicholas Day to you all. I’ve used Bel’s pattern to create some St. Nicholas Icicles Dolls and now they are handing on my tree (and posted on my blog). Thanks so much, Bel, for sharing this fun with us.

    Christmas Sparkles to All! Ariel

  48. 57

    ohmigosh! I can’t believe it! I got that beautiful santa tile in the mail yesterday! Thanks so much! It is absolutely gorgeous in person!

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